The History of Leith

April 2, 2012


At 6.30 on 31st December a very large Congregation
assembled for this service. Provost Malcolm Smith
and a good representation of the Council were. present,
and the Chamber of Commerce, the School Board, and
the Parish Council were also well represented. The
Minister gave out the items of praise, gave the first
– prayer and the Benediction. The lessons were read
by the Assistants. The Intercessory Prayers were taken
by the Rev. Munro Somerville, the Rev. J. B. G. Rouse,
and the Rev. J. D. Robertson. A very solemn and
simple anthem from one of Haydn’s great compositions
was sung by the Choir with true devotional feeling. A
very telling address, was delivered by the Rev. R. A.
Reid, M.A., Kirkgate U.F. Church, of which the following
may “be taken as a brief summary.
After referring to the negligible minority who .refuse
to defend their heritage, the preacher dealt with those
who called us to peace to-day. First of these were the
men who, in days when we were so much wedded to
peace that we neglected to prepare for war, were living
by the sword, disregarding the ideal of Christ, who sets
before us a chivalry in which the strong find the outlet
for their power in the protection of the weak : our
answer to • them is clear. And to those others, the
neutral nations that call for peace ere our end is reached,
we have some thing to say—ours is the answer of Nehemiah,
who was engaged in a great work from which he dared
not come down. We must persevere by the power of
God, fitting ourselves to be the instruments of His
righteousness, till liberty is as free to all men as the air
they breathe.

source-South Leith Magazine-1917

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