The History of Leith

April 2, 2012

Letter from the Front

now take up the pen and paper to thank you for the
very nice parcel which I received about a fortnight ago.
I am sorry to have been so long in answering, but we
have been in rather bad circumstances lately, as there is
so much mud, etc., to scrape off when we come out of the
Everything was in excellent condition and was very
suitable for out here. The cake^and eatables were lovely ;
” tres-bon ” as the saying goes out here.
I am sure it must have taken up a lot of your time and
entailed a deal of hard work on your part before you
sent off so many parcels, and I am glad to hear that we
have the largest Roll of Honour in Bonnie Scotland.
Well, in closing I must thank you and all your helpers
for your trouble and kindness to all the fellows out here,
and wish you all the best of health and spirits for the
year 1917, which we hope will be the year of Victory and
Peace. D. L.

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