The History of Leith

April 2, 2012

Letter from the Front

I take the pleasure of sending a line or two of thanks
to yourself and the members of South Leith Parish’
Church for your splendid parcel, which I received to-day,
the contents of which will be always appreciated by me,
especially the little Testament. I also thank you for
your good and kind wishes, which I return the compliments.
Yes, I have seen some of the horrors of this
campaign, sights that I shall never forget all my life ;
but at the same time I am proud of doing my little bit,
and I thank God for giving me health and strength for
carrying me-through. We have a very busy time of it
when we are in action, bringing in the wounded, and
rendering what assistance we can until they get proper
attention further down the line. It is very sickening
and heart-rending to see some of the poor chaps in their
agony. Well, I will say no more about this painful
subject. We have services out here every Sunday
evening, conducted’ by a chaplain. They are very
interesting, and I never miss the opportunity of attending
them. W. F.

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