The History of Leith

April 2, 2012

Letter from the Front-1917

It was with deep gratification that I received the very
welcome parcel so kindly sent by the South Leith Church.
It is indeed very nice to think that we, over here, are
not forgotten by the folks at home,
Christmastide here is so different from being at home,
and the comforts and sweets helped so much to allay that
lost feeling which one is apt to be troubled with at
this time, and to remind us of you in Leith—not that we
require anything to freshen our memories, but it is nice
to think that we are missed.
. I join with you in wishing for a speedy finish to thi
fearful conflict, so that we may soon be with you aU
again. J. J.

Source-South Leith Magazine-1917

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