The History of Leith

April 1, 2012

Prisoner of War-1917

Prisoner of War.—I now take the opportunity of
answering your nice letter which I received all right,
dated 6th November, and was glad to see by it that you
and your husband were keeping in the best of health.
I am also glad to hear that my wife is attending the
mothers’ meetings and that little David is keeping better
and growing a big boy. I think I will not know my
children when I get home by the reports that I am getting
from my wife. The weather here is getting very cold,
but hope that you are all getting good weather at home.
The letters I receive from home help to cheer us up
in our dull time. I do wish I was at home beside my
wife and family ; I miss them very sorely. I do wish
this war was at an end and us all .home again
beside those we hold dear.

source-South leith Magazine-1917

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