The History of Leith

March 31, 2012

Letter from the Front

J. C.—Just a note to let you know that I received
the parcel all safe, and I was very pleased with the
contents, also to know that the people in Bonnie Scotland
had not forgotten the absent Tommies. Luxuries
and dainties do not often come our way. I hardly
expect you would know I was in Salonica. Well, it is
a very strange place in our eyes. The curious customs
of the people here provide us with plenty of amusements.
All nations are represented here—Greeks, Turks, Jews,
Armenians, Serbs, and Bulgars—all out to make a
fortune at the expense of the British Tommy. But
the Greek is the king of them all; he can sell anything
at 100 per cent profit, and make one believe he is giving
it away. They say the Greek is friendly, but he has a
funny way of showing it.
We had to rough it when we came out here just from
France, but things are not so bad now, and we are
ready for Fritz whenever he likes to call.
The weather here goes from one extreme to the other ;
one day the sun likely to burn you, next day the wind
off the Balkans would gladden the heart of an ice-cream
dealer. . . .

source-South Leith Magazine-1916

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