The History of Leith

March 31, 2012

Letter from the Front-1915

R. M.—Just a few lines to let you know that I received
your parcel all right, and I enjoyed the contents ; they
were a treat. I will have been out over twelve months
by the time you receive this letter. I am getting along
first rate, and cannot grumble. There are a number of
local chaps _put here, and they are a cheery lot in all
sorts of weather. . . .
I had a very narrow escape once at the first big battle
against the Huns at Le Gateau. My chum and myself
went up under a heavy fire and brought a howitzer gun
out of action and saved four men’s lives. The Major of
the Battery was very pleased with us. Shortly after we
went away with the gun the Major went to another gun
and was captured by the advancing enemy. I thought
he had been killed, but I am glad to hear he is alive,
and a prisoner in Germany. As I was coming in with
my gun I stopped and picked up two Argyll and Sutherland
Highlanders. They were shot through the thigh,
and I got them safely on the gun till we got out of
danger. That was my first experience of war. I thank
God for bringing us safely back that day, for it was a
miracle we were not blown to pieces as the shells Were
bursting in hundreds about us. . . .

source-South Leith Magazine 1915

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