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March 31, 2012


The Agonising Cry of the Oppressed Nations.
It would require a heart of stone, such as no one in
South Leith possesses, to make one turn a deaf ear to
the deep groans of nations in constant pain. Thank
God our Kirk-Session, with a deep sense of our responsibility
as Christians, has arranged to add for this year to
our efforts in the way of giving; a plan to raise £120 for
the “Oppressed Nations.” The intention is to give £6
per month to the Glasgow Corporation to’support the
Leith Homes for Belgian Refugees. The money will be
sent through as part of the Leith Fund. The other £6,
which we hope to raise specially each month, will be
divided between the Servians, Armenians, and Poles.
The destitution of the refugees of these peoples in other
lands is bound to evoke the pity and aid of all who
have comfortable homes and plenty of good, plain food.
The refugees have none of these blessings in sufficient
A, The Lady Visitors are earnestly requested to call
on each family with Life and Work, and members and
friends are^asked to pay for the Magazine, and also to
give a contribution to the Missions of the Church. We
cannot forget them. To do so would be like leaving a
friend to drown on some rocky islet over which the
destroying tide rises.
B. Next, each Collector is asked to tell the families
visited about the “Oppressed Nations” Fund, and to
invite whatever sum can be given for us. This subscription
will be noted on a separate sheet of paper.
C. In no case is a gift to the “Oppressed Nations”
Fund to be substituted for “help for our Missions. The
Visitors are instructed to refuse courteously any help
offered in this way. The gift is to be additional, or not
at all.
D. There are some families which contribute to the
Missions by Schedule at the end of the year. A few
others aver that they put their gifts for the Schemes of
the Church only into the Collection plate. In such
cases where the Visitor has never received any gift for
Missions, she is authorised to solicit and accept a sum of
money for the “Oppressed Nations.”
E. Let the Visitor call, as nearly as possible, on the
same date each month. It makes systematic giving
much easier.
F. Let us count it a privilege to be able to give
something. Let us welcome the Visitor as a ministering
angel sent by the Saviour to take our ready and willing
aid. How would we feel if we were refugees in some
foreign land, and the more fortunate peoples refused to
stretch out a helping hand to us ?

source-South Leith Magazine 1916

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