The History of Leith

March 30, 2012


10th July 1915.
I was just in the act of writing you to-day when
your letter arrived. As a matter of fact I have once or
twice this week made np my mind to write, but never
have managed to summon up the energy. You will
be pleased to hear I am still making progress arid
always gradually mending. I am hoping if I keep
going ahead to manage out of bed in a fortnight or so.
On Thursday the doctor grafted on some pieces of skin,
and so I had to keep as still as possible to give them a
chance. He had a look at my wound to-day fed his
efforts have so far been -successful, so this should help
considerably to hasten my recovery. It is really a very
irksome business lying in bed. and I’d give a lot to be
fit again. However, I have to possess myself in patience,
aud derive some consolation from the prospect of getting
out of bed and down South. Yet I must say I have
had some little entertainment. Last Friday the doctor
came with his car to take me to the Battalion Sports.
So as it was on his authority I was carried out and
motored up to camp. Of course I was a fixture in the
car ; but I enjoyed being out, and I had no idea that
grass looked so greeu^or that the open air was so much
bliss after a season in bed. I was made so much of that
I was becoming alarmed at my own greatness, for everybody
was so kind and solicitous for niy welfare. We
occupied the “Grand Stand,” along with the Duke
and Duchess, Lord Alastair and Lady Rosemary Lawson
Gower, the Duke’s brother and sister. So yon see I
was amongst the elite ! The Duchess has been most
kind and has been here quite often to ask for the sailors
and myself. She has gone to London now, but the
Duke still remains at the Castle. On Wednesday the
Duke sent down his car, a magnificent Rolls Royce, to
take Jones and myself out a run. So I again struggled
into some clothes and wonderful to relate did manage
to struggle]to the door on crutches. We had a nice
run to Dornoch. There I saw Mr. Bentinck in passing
and had a few words with him. He \vas over seeing
me last week and generally has been very kind in often
enquiring about me. He was saying he wished he had
seen Mr. Swan when he was here, but I explained that
it was a hurried visit on my behalf.
The king passed through here on Wednesday on his
way north I suppose to visit the fleet at Scapa and
passed south yesterday. Do please thank everybody
from me who is asking about me. You have no idea
how much I appreciated Mr. Swan’s visit. It’s a
laborious business writing in bed so please excuse
scrawl.—Kindest regards to all, Yours very sincerely,

source-South Leith Magazine-1915

source-South Leith Magazine-1915

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