The History of Leith

March 27, 2012

The first great change

The first great change in the aspect of the hill
was effected by the formation of the Regent Road,
which was cut through the old burying-ground, the
soil of which avenue was decently carted away,
covered with white palls, and full of remnants of
humanity, to the new Calton burying-ground on
the southern slope; and the second was the opening
of the Regent Bridge, the foundation stone of
which was laid in 1815, forming a magnificent
entrance to the New Town from the east. The arch
is fifty feet wide, and about the same in height,
liaving on the top of the side ledges, arches, and
ornamental pillars, connected with the houses in
Waterloo Place. The whole was finished in 1819,
and formally opened on the visit of Prince Leopold,
afterwards King of Belgium ; but the bridge must
have been open for traffic two years before, as it was
crossed by the 88th Connaught Rangers, in 1817

Source-Old and New Edinburgh

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