The History of Leith

March 23, 2012


This work of art has now been successfully completed.
It has been scrutinised by members of the Church and
others, referred to in the local newspapers, and was to
some extent the occasion of Mr White’s eloquent address
on last Sunday evening. All comment has been favourable.
It symbolises our Church’s history. The central panel
displays the arms and motto of Leith. On the South
side of the screen is displayed the seal of Restalrig, the
Parish Church until 1609. ^The initials D. L. are those
of the Rev. David Lindsay who was minister in that year
when South Leith become the Parish Church. The
South-most panel exhibits the arms of the Logans, the
reputed founders of the building. The North panels
^display the date of the tercentenary 1909 and the familiar
initials of him who was minister in that year. Then we
have the arms of Edinburgh, and in the North-most of
the panels, the arms of the Balmerino family, patrons of
our Church from the days of the Cowrie conspiracy down
to the Jacobite Rebellion.
The screen has been carved from carefully selected
Austrian oak. It is stained somewhat lighter than the
surrounding wood, to permit of its darkening with the
lapse of time. There are 900 pieces of wood in the
screen, and our best thanks are due first to Mr Johnston,
Architect for the design, and secondly to Messrs Thomas
Millar & Company for its execution. The coats of
arms were prepared by Mr Alex, C. Burke, and approved
of by high authorities.
A brass tablet on the adjoining pillar bears this
inscription:—”the carved front to the organ gallery
(formerly the mailmen’s loft) was gifted by William
Tulloch, Esq., in commemoration of the Tercentenary
of the Church.” The Mailmen’s coat-of-arms on the
tablet has been taken from a tombstone in the churchyard.
One has also to observe the neat tablet presented
by the Incorporation of Carters and erected at the place
of their sittings.
The Trinity House have kindly erected in the East
gallery—which formerly belonged to them—a panel
exhibiting their arms and motto. The work is beautifully
We desire to express our deep gratitude to the various
donors, who have thus added lo the interest and adornment
of our church, the oldest and most historic building
in the town of Leith.

Source-South Leith Church Magazine 1911

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