The History of Leith

March 23, 2012

Baptisms, Marriage and Funerals as mentioned in the January 1911 Church Magazine

I will be scanning the Baptisms, Marriage and Funerals record for south leith parish Church from 1905-1980 and eventually thy will be put on disc. If you would like a free copy of the disc I would be interested to know the degree of interest by emailing

In Church.
Dec. 4. Kendall, Jane Pringle, daughter of James
Kendall, 23 Halmyre Street.
11 . Watson, John Brown, son of John Watson, 96
Duke Street.
Ramsay, Elizabeth Reidie Batten, daughter of
John Ramsay, 47 Sand port Street.
Henderson, Mary Brydon Levack Yeoman,
daughter of William Henderson, 141 Kirkgate.
Manzie, Mary King, daughter of Thomas
Manzie, 9 Cannon Street.
25. Irvine, James Hutchison, son of James Irvine,
270 Bonnington Road.
Swaney, Liston Rutherford, son of John
Swaney, 83 St Andrew Street.
Ganson, Magnus Adams, son of George Ganson,
24 Burgess Street.
In Private.
Dec. 6. Lawrie, Isabella Paterson, daughter of Robert
Lawrie, Jane Dinwoodie, daughter of Robert
Lawrie, I Adelphi Place.
14. (Five Adult Baptisms.)
28. Reid, Elizabeth Spinks, daughter of William
Reid, 28 Craiehall Road.
Dec. 8. Matthew Outline, 24 Beaverhall Terrace, and
Elizabeth Daisy Imrie, 6 Noble Place.
16. James Allan, 15 Storrie’s Alley, and Christina
Hislop, 52 Kirkgate.
22. John Jamieson, London, and Joan Yule, 7
Lindsay Road, Leith.
23. Thomas M’Ewan, I Smith’s Land, and Lilias
Dick, 12 Broad Wynd.
Dec. 26. William Moore, Leith Fort, and Rebecca
Brown, 40 Hawthornvale.
29. William Munro, 46 Sloan Street, and Georgina
Hunter Forrest, 40 W. Bowling Green St.
30. William Clunie and Mary Ritchie, 37 Bowling
Green Street.
George Wilson, ” Brenda,” Fishery Cruiser,
and Isabella Mills Gordon, 8 Morton St.
Dec. 3. Noble, Peter Seton, son of Alexander Noble,
7 Bowling Green Street.
7. Kerr, John A., Coburg Street.
13. Graham, John, 36 Fox Street.
14. Hardie, Helen Scott Greig, infant daughter of
Ebenezer A. Hardie, 17 Halmyre Street.
17. Cockburn, Mrs Eliza, 29 Ryehill Avenue.
Lamb, William Murray, infant son of James
Lamb, 12 Burlington Stieet.
19. Neilson, Joseph, son of Alexander Neilson, 2
London Row.
20. Findlater, May A., daughter of Reverend John
Findlater, 171 Constitution Street.
24. Greenfield, Mrs Marion, c/o Laing, 19 Easter
M’Girmes,WilliaminaThomson,infant daughter
of John M’Ginnes, 24 Kirkgate.
26 Shaw, Joseph, son of Joseph Shaw, 18 Corporation
27. Fraser, Mrs Jane, c/o Thomson, 61 Easter Rd.
29. Anderson, Mrs Margaret Muir, 30 Lower
Granton Road.
Watson, William, Eastbank House, Shettleston.

Source-South Leith Parish Church Magazine 1911

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