The History of Leith

March 20, 2012

From the Church Magazine 1909 (JOHN DOUGALL Died 2nd July 1909.)

“I go to my beloved church, and there
I shall have rest.” O loyal heart and true,
Deep is thy rest and quiet, in the shade
Of that old church which thou hast loved so well.
There thou did’st bring thine offerings—quiet thoughts
And holy aspirations, loving cares,
And daily duty doing. Sleep the sleep
God giveth His beloved. But thy soul ^
Hath waked already to a glorious dawn,
In that far city, where no sorrow comes
To mar the joy of service. Thou hast left
Fair memories here to blossom round thy name ;
And there, we know, thine eager soul delights
To serve thy God,*as thou did’st serve Him here.


source-South Leith Church

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