The History of Leith

March 19, 2012

The Silver Grail. (Church Magazine 1909)

The Silver Grail.
On 22nd February 1648 :
“William Trotter and umqll James Barnes, who
were baillies in anno 1646, gave in this day to or
sessioune ane great silver coupe for ye use of or
kirk.” The inscription on this cup bears :—” Givin
to the Sout Kirk of Leith be William Trotter and
James Barnes, bailies in tyme of pest anno 1645.”
Leith seems to have suffered severely about this time
from ” the plague of pestilence.” On the igth May 1645,
the pest broke out in the new hospital, called King
James’ Hospital. David Aldinstoune, reader, having
prayed for “ane Margt Gilmuir, who was suspect to have
died of the pest,” was “inclosit” in his house from the
i6th May to I5th June, and as he could not get any
information regarding what was done in the Kirk Session
he left six pages blank. In August 1645 we have an Act
of Parliament given at Perth—
“For releife of the distressit toun of Leith being
visit with the plague of pestilence in such sort that
the nomber of the dead exceeds the nomber of the
leiving, and amongst them it cannot be decernit
quha are clean and quha are foulle, and make the
calamitie greater they are visit with ane lamentabill
In February 1646 we have a note of “The defuncts ye
.tym of ye visitation”—
“The whole no. in South Leith is 2421; in
Restalrig yr died to the number of 160; in Craigend
yr died 155. The number of the whole defuncts in
the whole parioch wil be 2736.”

source-South Leith Church

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