The History of Leith

March 18, 2012

LIFE IS A DISCIPLINE-Church Magazine 1909

“I once saw a gaidener gathering Bartlett pears. I
noticed a peculiarity that I have never forgotten. He
gathered them while they were yet. green, and then he
put them into a dark place, where no light could get at
them. I said, ” Why is it you put them into darkness?
It seems cruel to pluck them before they are ripe, and
then to put them under the shadows. A pear, we would
naturally suppose, needs sunlight and warmth to ripen it.”
He shook his head and said, ‘ There are some pears,
and a Bartlett pear is one of them, which, if they ripen
in the sun, ripen badly. They become tasteless almost.
But if you take them as I am taking these now, and put
them in a dark place and shut the door, they will gather,
little by little, an inconceivable lusciousness and juiciness,
and there will be from core to skin a delicacy of flavour
which they can acquire in no other way. The pears may
think it hard, but they d© not know what is best. I do
know what is best, and I insist on doing it.’ ”
There are few men who can ripen in spiritual life with
continually increasing success. To succeed is often to
die or be defeated. To have what you want is often to
be ruined. That is the paradox of God’s world. He
who gives you everything you ask is your worst enemy ;
and he who withholds from you, when it is wise to do it,
in spite of your tears, in spite of your entreaties, even
when you grow indifferent and cold and hostile towards
him, is your best friend.
God’s wisdom stretches through the whole of life ; He
sees the end from the beginning.

source-South Leith Church

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