The History of Leith

March 18, 2012


The Schedules to be filled up in aid of the Schemes of
the Church have been sent out to members. The convener
of the Committee in charge has sent out a letter
which explains this method of giving. The report
referred to in bis letter has already been published in the
– – – *
10th May 1909.
The Kirk Session have again arranged
for the issue of the Schedules in connection with the
Schemes of the Church and our own Parish work, and
have remitted the matter to the Christian Liberality
Committee to carry out.
Our own Church organisations are greatly multiplied,
and our expenditure is consequently very much increased ;
it is, therefore, necessary that all should give more liberally
to this work within the Parish.
A careful perusal of the interesting pamphlet, entitled
“The Work of the Church,” delivered by the Lady
Visitors in March, will, it is hoped, not only arouse and
stimulate our sympathy with these Schemes, but will
make us realise the claims they have upon u? for support.
The method of taking the Collections in Church only
has been found by the returns to have been most unsatisfactory.
The General Assembly also condemn it by the
following deliverance:—”The General Assembly recommend
all Ministers and Kirk Sessions to try the
method of taking the collections regularly at Several
Stated Periods throughout the year by means of Schedules
and Collecting Cards and Books, instead of leaving them
to be taken at the Church door, subject to the vicissitudes
of weather and other accident.”
Many of our Lady Visitors are receiving great encouragement,
especially in some of the poorer districts, but
the Committee feel that that support is not general
enough. They earnestly and respectfully bring this
matter of regular giving under the notice of those able to
do so, in the hope that regular contributions will be
made to the Lady Visitors for some particular Scheme,
or that the Schedule will be filled up as formerly.
The Committee have pleasure in submitting the Report
for last year, which shows how much money was received
and how allocated.
Schedules, when filled up, should be sent direct to the
Session Clerk, 77 Duke Street, or if more convenient,
should be placed in the Plate in charge of an Elder at the
Church Door on the last two Sundays of June, viz., the
2Oth and 27th.
In name of the Christian Liberality Committee,

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