The History of Leith

March 17, 2012

From the Records 1909-The Logans of Bonnington

Aprilis 24th 1607—The qlk day compeirit
Geirge Logane of Bonytoune and being
challengit for misbehaving himselfe in the
kirke wpon Sonday last was, in that he removit
Adame thomesone maltman violentlie out of
ane saite in the kirke (qlk saite is the formest
daske under the Tailzors Loft) He submitted
himselfe wnto the Sessioune to be censurit be
thame notwithstanding he was not or (i.e., our)
parochiner Quha decernit him to confesse his
fault, to pay ane pecuniall sowme to the pure
And to abstene f ra that saite in tyme cuming The
qlk he presentlie obeyit in confessing his fault in
giving offence be his misbehavior in the kirke
about the foirsaid daske wpon Sonday last was
efternoone betuix the first and seconde bell to
the preitching, he payit Tuentie pund to the
pure and promeisit to abstene fra that saite
in tymes cuming and lyke wayes to cause his
sones absteine thairfra.
Sicklyke the Sessioune ordained Adame
thomesone and his sones to abstane thairfra,
for eschewing of cotentioune in all tyme cuming
except they agreit to sit togeither as Neybors
& gude friendes.
(Note.—The Logans of Bonnington were a branch
of the Logan family. They had owned Bonnington
Mills since 1128. Bonnington House was removed
about 20 years ago when part of Graham Street was

Source-South Leith Church

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