The History of Leith

March 17, 2012


By the death on Friday, 2nd April, of Mr Alexander
Milne, 23 Bowling Green Street, Leith, another link
with the Crimean War and the Indian Mutiny is severed.
Joining the 72nd Highlanders, at Brechin, in 1854, he
served the colours for twelve years, passing through both
the above-mentioned campaigns, and receiving the medals
for the same along with the Turkish medal. He was discharged
in 1866 at Edinburgh. Milne never received a
single scratch in any of the engagements in which he took
part. After leaving the Army he travelled a good deal
in America, where, unfortunately, he lost his medals and
military papers, and in consequence never received a pension.
Mr Milne was born at Dufftown, being the second
son of the late Mr James “Milne, contractor, there. He
was employed by the old Town Council of Portobello. as
a lamplighter, for over twenty years, and then served under
the Edinburgh Corporation, and was pensioned off some
years ago. He was seventy-four years of age, and is
survived by his wife. Mr White conducted the funeral
service, on Monday, when the veteran was laid to rest in
South Leith Churchyard, with military honours.

Source-South Leith Records

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