The History of Leith

March 16, 2012


If all the old year’s days could speak
I wonder what they’d say—
The snowy days, the blowy days.
The flowery days of May ;
The summer days, when shady ways
Were made for children’s feet;
Vacation days, when for their plays
The country was so sweet !
If all the old years days could speak—
Just think of it awhile—
Would their report bring bitter tears,
Or the sunshine of a smile ?
Ah ! could they speak from week to week
Of honest work well done,
Of well-used powers in study hours,
Of fairness in the fun ?’
Of thankful thought for kindness wrought
Where homes are rich and glad ;
Of tender care to give or share
Where homes are poor and sad ;
Of pleasant ways in dark, dull days ;
Of little, gentle deeds ;
Of earnest hours among heart’s flowers,
In plucking hurtful weeds?
Can the year speak of patience meek
Where grief has stopped awhile,
Of courage bold, for weak and old
A loving word or smile ?
Methinks the year must seem most dear
If thus its speech can be ;
O’erfull of joys for girls and boys—
A year of Jubilee.
M. F. Butts

Source-South Leith Church

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