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March 16, 2012

EXTRACTS from the Register 1588- 1596 now amissing, (South Leith Records

EXTRACTS from the Register 1588-
1596 now amissing,
25 May 1588.—William Brysoune, talzier,
is ordainit to pay 1 lib. for braking the Sabbath.
William Penny and James Jonston, baxter, is
ordainit to be wardit for disobedience.
The said day Margaret Murray, spouse to
umqle Henrie Watt, and now spouse to Patrik
Greiue, in Dalkeith, was ordainit vnder the
pain of c lib to depairt aff yis touiie wtin.
viij houris immediatlie yairefter.
10th Fehy. 1589.—The quilk daye, voitet
by monyest, that twa onlie sail visit euerie
Soneday, with ane officear thay to be warrainet
before ye sessioune yat dois violate ye sameen,
or else putt in ye Tolbuith.
July 17, 1589.—The quhilk day eompeirit
Bernard Lindsay and Barbara Logan & gave
up their names to be proclaimit and marreit
within this date and Michaelmas. Jhone
Logan, cautioner.
Note.—Bernard Street is named after this Bernard
Vigesimo tertio Novembris 1591.—The hail
Sessioune, with ane assent, has agreit that
eurie persone revelling ony conclusions of ye
sessione that aucht to be keepit secret, or may
prejudise ye sessione or one}7 member yairof,
sail be depryvit from his office, and pay c lib.
to the puir, and eurie ane obliges yairto with
their awin assent, and ar content yat yis act be
registrat in ye buikis of ye toun, and ye baillies
authoritie interponit yairto.
23 Nov. 1591.—The quhilk day, the elders
and deekins chosen for ye zeir hes ratified ye
foresaid actes, vnder ye said penaltie with yis
additione, yat ye elderis and deekins yat beis
absint fra ye preitching oney Soneday, either
abefoir none or eftir none, without ane lawfull
excuse allowed be the sessioune at the day of
melting, sail pay halff ane mark, and in case
they refuse, sail pay the double. The order of
visitatioune to be as it was abefore. 4 to visit
euery quarter of the toune monthlie : 1st the
Doubras, 2nd the Hill, 3d Caldtoun, 4th the
Note.—1st, St Andrew Street; 2nd, Coalhill;
3rd, Gallon; 4th, Bernard Street.
It is ordainit yat if ony inhabitant within
this toun sail be found excessiv or extraordiiiarlie
drunken, sail pay ane penaltie
according to ye discretioun and modificatioun
of ye sessioun, to be bestowed vpon and to
the vsialitie of ye puir and quasoeuer means to
exempt ony sik persouue sail pay according to
ye sessionis modificationing.
It is ordainit that nane sail lie in ye kirk
yeard in ye tyme of preitching, or being found
doing only unlawfull deidis wtin. ye said yeard,
under ye paine of warding of yair persounis.
25 Jfaij 1592.—the quhilk day the provost
Johnne Arnottis Shepherd, was acted that for
everie sheep he belt in ye kirkyeard suld pay
ix merkis, and everie nyt yat carried thame
betwix the Coitfield and ye kirk style he suld
pay v mark.
17 January 1593.—ye qlk day Gilbert
Storie and his sonne was ordainit to stand at
ye kirk dore, in yair lynning clais, from ye
begining of ye secund bell till ye preitching be
begun, and eftir yat all ye people be in yey to
be convoyit to ane forme at ye back of ye
marriage stule be ye coller, and ye next
Thursday ye kirk absolved thame onlie till
finding catioune yat yey nevir suld trouble
ony within the town of Leith heireeftir, as
they are acted in ye town clerkie buike.

source-South Leith Record

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