The History of Leith

March 16, 2012


I wonder so that mothers ever fret
At little children clinging to their gown,
Or that the footprints, when the days are wet,
Are ever black enough to make them frown.
If I could find a little muddy boot,
Or cap, or jacket, on rny chamber floor ;
If I could kiss a rosy restless foot,
And hear it patter in my house once more ;
If I could mend a broken cart to-day,
To-morrow make a kite to reach the sky,
There is no woman in God’s world could say
She is more blissfully content than I.
But, oh ! the dainty pillow next my own
Is never rumpled by a shining head ;
My singing birdling from its nest is flown,
The little boy I used to kiss is dead.

Source- South Leith Church 1909

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