The History of Leith

March 14, 2012

SABBATH SCHOOL SOCIETY (South Leith Church-1908)

The usual monthly meeting was held on 27th January,
when an interesting and inspiring address was delivered
by Sir Colin Macrae, who selected as his subject, “The
Qualifications of a Sabbath School Teacher,”
The first necessary qualification treated of was personal
godliness. “No one,” said the speaker, “can teach
religious truth who does not believe in it.” The next
qualification stated was ” acquaintance with the facts of
the Bible and the acceptance of its authority as the
inspired Word of God.” ” The Bible must not be used
merely as a storehouse of information ; it must touch the
conscience and impress the heart of the child.”
Sympathy with the child was next brought forward as
an essential part of the teacher’s ethical constitution.
” If you wish the heart of the child to wax warm, you
must come into contact with him, with all his words and
actions. To reach his heart you must know him in his
The speaker next went on to say that liveliness and
brightness of manner, aptness to teach, and “the slow,
steady, severe discipline in the school of patience,” were
among the fundamental characteristics of the successful
Sabbath School Teacher.
But the real dynamic of Sir Colin Macrae’s address
was centred in his concluding words : ” Teaching means
all that is implied in the word Influence. The teacher’s
great end and aim is to bring the children into the faith
and likeness of Jesus Christ.”
Altogether the address was a most profitable one, both
as regards its Christian earnestness and its sound educational

source-South Leith Church

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