The History of Leith

March 14, 2012

Attitude towards Sorrow (South Leith Church 1907)

Sorrow is not an accident, occurring now and then—it
is the very woof which is woven into the warp of life.
God has created the nerves to agonise and the heart to
bleed ; and before a man dies almost every nerve has
thrilled with pain and every affection has been wounded.
The account of it which represents it as a probation is
inadequate; so is that which regards it chiefly as a
system of rewards and punishments. The truest account
of this mysterious existence seems to be that it is intended

source-South Leith Church
for the development of the soul’s life, for which sorrow is
Every son of man who would attain the true end of
his being must be baptised with fire. It is the law of
our humanity, as that of Christ, that we must be perfect
through suffering. And he who has not discerned the
Divine sacredness of sorrow, and the profound meaning
which is concealed in pain, has yet to learn what life is.
The Cross, manifested as the necessity of the highest
life, alone interprets it.—F. W. ROBERTSON.

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