The History of Leith

March 13, 2012


Church extension in suburban districts moves in two
directions—the founding of new stations, and the consolidation
of existing stations. The Church at Restalrig
belongs to the second class. The large number of new
houses in the district, both “flatted” villas and tenements,
demands, on the part of the Church of Scotland, increased
church accommodation. At the same time it would be a
matter of great regret to leave that ancient building
consecrated by the worship of centuries. It is proposed
to build a considerable addition on the north side of the
present structure, and to refurnish the whole in conformity
with modern requirements. The congregation is largely
drawn from the class of superior working men, many of
them servants of the North British Railway Company.
They are not able to subscribe largely to this Scheme,
but they are entering heartily into the preparations for a
large Bazaar, which will be held in the Music Hall,
Edinburgh, on loth, nth, and I2th December 1908.
The co-operation of several congregations in the eastern
end of Edinburgh has been secured, and the Bazaar
promises to be successful.—From Life and Work.

source-South Leith Church

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