The History of Leith

March 13, 2012

James Goalen-1908

At the close of the service on Sunday morning, I5th
March, Mr White made reference to the death of Mr
“To-day we are called on to mourn the loss of an officebearer
in this Church—James Goalen. For many years
he acted as an Elder in South Leith, and, although he
was not for some years back able and free to take part in
the work of the Kirk-Session, he was oftentimes with us
in Church and at the celebration of the Lord’s Supper.
In many ways Mr Goaleri had identified himself with the
work of the Parish, and for a large portion of his 73
years he was a familiar figure in Leith. A few days ago
he took ill, and from the first it was evident that the end
was not far off. He spoke to me in those days cheerfully
and in strong faith of his departure, and yesterday he
bade me Good-night with the assurance of one who
would be ready to greet us with a glad Good-morning,
when that day breaks that has no night succeeding.
Last night he fell asleep; and to-day you and I will
remember in our prayers those whose hearts are bowed
down ; the bereaved widow and the family—and, not
least, her who has gone forth to the Foreign Mission
field to serve the Church of our Lord and Master. May
God be gracious to them ! And may they find that the
consolations of God are neither few nor small ! ‘ Be ye
therefore ready also : for the Son of Man cometh at an
hour when ye think not.”‘

source-South Leith Church

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