The History of Leith

March 12, 2012


On Sunday, the I9th day of January, by appointment of
the General Assembly, a Collection is to be made
in every Congregation on behalf of the Social Work
of the Church of Scotland.
In May last the General Assembly, for the first time
in its history, appointed a Collection to be taken on
behalf of Social Work. The date fixed for the Collection
is January 19, 1908. In view of this, and to give some
idea of the work which has been accomplished since its
initiation three years ago, it may be well to answer the
following questions:—
I. What is the Social Work of the Church ?—It is an
organised effort on the part of the Church to help men
and women, lads and girls, who either through their own
fault or through sheer misfortune are homeless, workless,
and destitute. The Church opens a door of hope, without
distinction of creed, to all who are willing to be
helped. The general aim is the uplifting of those who
have gone under in the social struggle, or are in danger
of doing so, and uf rooting and building them up in
Jesus Christ.
The work is both rescue and preventive. It rescues
many from vice and crime, and prevents others from
falling. More than once has it been said by inmates of
our Homes, ” Your helping hand saved me on the verge
of crime.”

source-South Leith Church

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