The History of Leith

March 12, 2012


” What right have we to spend £164,000,000 on drink
and £50,000,000 directly and indirectly in betting and
gambling ? And what right have we to cater too much
for the enormous concourses which gather at displays of
gladiatorial, professionalised football. Be careful of
over professionalised football. Do not mistake me, I
am not a melancholy kill-joy. I can walk and I can
run and I have been known to box. I have been taken
to the hospital three times for playing football—not for
looking on. You say : Here is John Burns with a grant
of ,£200,000 a year from the Treasury for the purpose of
the unemployed. And you ask me to make a new
heaven and a new earth with that £200,000. Why
don’t you do it yourselves with the £3,000,000 a week
you waste on drink, betting, and gambling? [Extract
from speech at Burnley, Nov. 1907.]

Source-South Leith Church

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