The History of Leith

March 6, 2012

John Knox and Mary,Queen of Scot’s

In a sermon delivered to the nobles previous to the dissolution of Mary’s first Parliament, Knox spoke with fury on the rumours then current concerning the intended marriage of the Queen to a
Papist, which ” would banish Christ Jesus from the realm and bring God’s vengeance on the country.” He tells that his own words and his manner of speaking them were deemed intolerable, and that
Protestants and Catholics were equally offended. And then followed his sec6nd interview with Mary, who summoned him to Holyrood, where he was introduced into her presence by Erskine of Dun, and
where she complained of his daring answers and ingratitude to herself, who had courted his favour; but grown undaunted again, he stood before her in a cloth cap, Geneva cloak, and falling bands,
and with ” iron eyes beheld her weep in vain.” ” Knox,” says Tytler, ” affirmed that when in the pulpit he was not master of himself, but must obey His commands who bade him speak plain, and flatter no flesh. As to the favours which had been offered to him, his vocation, he said, was neither to wait in the courts of princes nor in the chambers of ladies, but to preach the Gospel.
‘ I grant it so/ reiterated the queen; ‘ but what have you to do with my marriage, and what are ‘you within the commonwealth?’ ‘A subject born within the same ; and albeit, madam, neithe baron, lord, nor belted earl, yet hath God mads I me, however abject soever in your eyes, a usefu) and profitable member. As such, it is my duty to forewarn the people of danger; and, therefore,
what I have said in public I repeat to your own face ! Whenever the nobility of this realm so far forget themselves that you shall be subject to an unlawful husband, they do as much as in them lieth to renounce Christ, to banish the truth, betray the freedom of the realm, and perchance be but cold friends to yourself!’ This new attack brought on a still more passionate
burst of tears, and Mary commanded Knox to quit the apartment.”

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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