The History of Leith

February 24, 2012

William de Lamberton

William de Lamberton, sometimes modernized as William Lamberton, (died 20 May 1328) was Bishop of St Andrews from 1297 (consecrated 1298) until his death. Lamberton is renowned for his influential role during the Scottish Wars of Independence. He campaigned for the national cause under William Wallace and later Robert the Bruce. Bishop Lamberton is also known for the coronation of Robert the Bruce as King Robert I, breaking a law imposed by Edward I that had reduced Scotland to a land opposed to a Kingdom. Lamberton would go on to have a vital role in the formulation of the Declaration of the Clergy 1310 and the Declaration of Arbroath which would lead to Scottish Independence.

During his tenure Lamberton was excommunicated by Rome for his role in the Wars of Independence along with Robert I and the Clergy of Scotland. However, he was quickly reconciled with the Papacy before his death.for more click here

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