The History of Leith

February 17, 2012

The Rev. John Blackadder

It was to this house in Big Jack’s Close that: the Rev. John Blackadder was brought a prisoner in 1681, guarded by soldiers under Johnstone, the town major, and accompanied by his son Thomas,,
who died a merchant in New England, and where that interview took place which is related in ” Blackadder’s Memories,” by D. A. Crichton :—
” I have brought you a prisoner,” said Major Johnstone.
” Take him to the guard,” said Dalyell, who was about to walk forth.
On this, the poor divine, whose emotions must have been far from enviable in such a terrible presence, said, timidly, ” May I speak with you a little, sir ? ”
” You have already spoken too much, sir,” replied Dalyell, whose blood always boiled at the sight of a Covenanter, ” and I should hang you with my own hands over that outshot! ”
On this, Major Johnstone, dreading what might ensue, took hastily away his prisoner, who, by order of the Privy Council, was sent to the Bass Rock, escorted by a party of the Life Guards, and there
he died, a captive, in his seventieth year(?).

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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