The History of Leith

February 17, 2012

The High School close

The High School close, so named as leading to a large and handsome edifice which stood in an open court at its foot, and was long occupied as the burgh High School. In the central pediment, which bore a sundial, was the date 1704, and Dutch-looking dormer windows studded its roof, but the school had a date far beyond the days of Queen Anne; it appears to have been founded by the monks of Holyrood, and is referred to in a charter granted by James V. in 1529 ; therein mention is made of Henryson, clerk and orator of the monastery, having taught with success in the grammar school of the Canongate, and many notices of this old educational establishment occur in the Register of the Burgh, printed in the ” Maitland Club Miscellany.”

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