The History of Leith

February 15, 2012

The muse of the olden time

The Canongate seems to have been a favourite with the muse of the olden time, and is repeatedly alluded to in familiar lyrics and in the more polished episodes of the courtly poets of the sixteenth
and seventeenth centuries. A Jacobite song has it:—
” As I cam doun the Canongate,
The Canongate, the Canongate,
As I cam doun the Canongate,
I heard a lassie sing,
‘ Many may the keel rowe.
That my true love is in,’ ” &c.
The ” Satire on Court Ladies ” tells us,
” The lasses o” the Canongate,
Oh they are wondrous nice ;
They wiitta gie a single kiss
But for a double price.”
And an old song concerning a now-forgotten belle
says :—
” A’ doun alang the Canongale
Were beaux o’ ilk degree ;
And mony ane turned round to look
At bonny Mally Lee.
And we’re a’ gaun east and west,
We’re a’ gaun agee,
We’re a’ gar.n east and west,
Courtin’ Mally Lee ! ”

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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