The History of Leith

February 6, 2012

Inviting all architects

“The Lord Provost, Magistrates, and Town Council of
Edinburgh, being sensible of the great advantage which will
accrue to this city and to the public in general from having
a proper communication between the High Street and the
fields on the north, have unanimously resolved to follow out
the design of making one, and have appointed a committee
of their number for carrying the scheme into execution.
” This public notice is therefore made, inviting all architects
and others to give in plans and elevations for making a
communication, by bridge or otherwise, from the Cap-and-
Feather Close, in a straight line to the opposite side, leading
to the Multer’s Hill, with an equal declivity of one foot
in eighteen to one in seventeen. Such persons as intend to
give in plans and elevations must send them sealed, addressed
to the Lord Provost, to the care of Mr. James Tait, or Mr.
Alexander Duncan, Depute Town Clerks, at the Council
Chamber, on or before the first day of February next.
Within the plan, upon a separate piece of paper, sealed up,
the person offering the plan will write his name, the seal of
which paper is not to be broke [sic] up, unless the plan it
belongs to is approven.
” The person whose plan is approved of will receive thirty
guineas, or a medal of that value It is expected
that the plans to be given in will be done in such a manner
as that estimates of expense may be made from them ; and
it is required that the breadth of the bridge betwixt the
parapets be 40 feet” (Edinburgh Advertiser, vol. iii. p. 22).

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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