The History of Leith

January 2, 2012

Monk and the Restoration

From the ” Archseologia Scotica” we cull the following curious anecdote :—Soon after the death of Cromwell, the English Council, in 1660, suspecting General Monk’s fidelity, sent an order to remove him from the head of their forces in Scotland. Their ordinary special messenger, who had usually borne such messages, was entrusted with this one, which he was ordered not to deliver to
Monk, but to (Colonel Newman) the Governor of Edinburgh Castle.
It chanced that the principal servant of the former met, near the Canongate- head, his old friend the messenger, whom he accosted with cordiality. ” How comes it,” he asked, ” that you go in this direction, and not, as usual, to the General at Dalkeith ?” ” Because my despatches are for the Castle.” With ready wit the servant of Monk suspected that something was wrong, and proposed they should. have a bottle together. The messenger partook freely ; the servant purloined the despatch; Monk received, it, concealed its nature, and at once began his march southward, with the army of Scotland, to accomplish the Restoration.

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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