The History of Leith

December 7, 2011

Bodoria (Forth)

Edwin, the most powerful of the petty kings of Northumberland, largely extended the Saxon conquests in the Scottish border counties; and his possessions reached ultimately from the waters of
Abios to those of Bodoria—i.e., from Humber to the Forth; but Egfrid, one of his successors, lost these territories, together with his life, in battle with the Pictish King Bridei, or Brude, who totally defeated him at Dun-nechtan, with terrible slaughter. This was a fatal blow to the Northumbrian monarchy, which never regained its previous ascendency, and was henceforth confined to the country south of Tweed. Lodonia (a Teutonic name signifying marshes or borders) became finally a part of the Pictish dominions, Dunedin being its stronghold, and both the Dalriadic” Scots and Strathclyde Britons were thus freed from the inroads of the Saxons.

Source-Old and New Edinburgh

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