The History of Leith

November 25, 2011


Concede et eis herbergare quoddam burgum inter eandem ecclesiam et meum burgum et concede ut burgenses eorum habeant comrnunionem vendendi res suas venales et emendi in foro meo libere et absque calumpnia et consuetudine sicut mei proprii burgenses et prohibeo ne aliquis in burgo eorum panem vel cervisiam aut pannum aut aliquod venale capiat per vim aut sine voluntate burgensium.
And I grant to them (a right) to build for residential purposes a burgh between the same church (Holyrood) and my burgh (Edinburgh) and I grant that their burgesses shall have rights enjoyed in common of selling their saleable goods and of buying in my market freely and without challenge and without (paying petty) custom, just like my own burgesses; and I forbid anyone to sell in their burgh bread or ale or cloth or any other saleable commodity either by force or contrary to the will of the burgesses.

Extracted from the Foundation Charter of the Abbey of Holyrood
1128X1136 (Laurie’s Early Scottish Charters, no. clii)

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