The History of Leith

November 25, 2011


In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and in honour of the Holy Rood, and of Saint Mary the Virgin, and of all the Saints, I, David, by the grace of God king of Scots, of my royal authority, and with the assent of Henry my sone and the bishops of my kingdom, and with the confirmation and testimony of the earls and barons, the clergy and the people also assenting, of divine prompting, grant all the things underwritten to the Church of the Holy Rood of Edinburgh, and in perpetual peace confirm them. These therefore are what we grant to the aforesaid Church and to the canons regular serving God therein in free and perpetual alms.
To wit, the Church of the Castle with all its appendages and rights. And the trial of battle, water, and hot irons, as far as belongs to ecclesiastical dignity; and with Salectum by its right marches; and the Church of Saint Cuthbert, with the parish and all things that pertain to that church, and with the Kirkton by its right marches, and with the land in which that Church is situate; and with another land that lies under the Castle, to wit, from the spring that rises near the corner of my garden, by the road that leads to the Church of Saint Cuthbert, and on the other side under the Castle until you come to a crag which is under the Castle towards the east; and with the two chapels which pertain to the same Church of Saint Cuthbert, to wit Crostorfin with two oxgates and six acres of land, and that chapel of Libertun with two oxgates of land, and with all the tithes and rights, as well of the living as of the dead, of Legbernard, which Macbether gave to that
Church and which I have granted.
Nat. MSS. Scot, i, no. xvi

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