The History of Leith

November 20, 2011

LIEUT.-COL. ADAM WHITE-South Leith Church

” In Memory of
LIX Reg Bengal Native Infantry, Commanding the Assam Reg of Light Infantry and Political Agent in Upper Assam who fell overpowered by numbers while gallantly fighting his way to head his regiment in
order to repel a treacherous night attack of the Kampti Tribes on the station Sudjah in Upper Assam. 18th Jan
Aged forty years.
This Monument is erected in the Church of his native Parish together with one at Suddjah by Captain Jenkins XLVII Reg. N.I. Captain Rutherford Bengal Artillery; Captain Matthie, European Regiment;
Captain Hannay XL Reg N.I Capt Veitch LIT Reg. N.I Lieut Wenryss XLIV Reg N.I Lieut Brodie European Reg. Lieut Marshall LXXI.I Reg. N.I Lieut Bigge LXVI Reg N.I Ensign Scott XXVII reg N.I. Frederick Fernell, Surgeon. Assam Lis;ht lufantrv. his brother Officers resident in the Province—as a Mark of Regard and Respect for one whose character may be briefly and most appropriately described in the following words, ‘ An honest Man,the noblest work of God.’ ”

source-South Leith Records

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