The History of Leith

November 15, 2011

Trade under Cromwell

30th Now. 1654 Post meridiem.—The Committie unanimously did condescend That the Gentlemen and Trafecquers sould have the bounds in the east end of the Church before the Skippers laich seats To build yrupon ten single pews fyfe on everie syd having a passage in the middest of the Church for the peoples entrie into the bodie of the Church and yis over and above yr former yll hich and laigh
qrin they and their predecessors sat in formerlie; And if both sail not contain ym yn and in that case they sail hav^more in the body of the Church for yr farder accomodation; as for ye Tymbermens loft that they aim at the Session will not meddle yrwith upo no conditione.
(Note.—Cromwell regarded Leith as a natural centre for trade, and induced many English families of wealth and enterprise to become settlers in the town. They introduced the glass industry, and gave
an impulse to the commerce of the port. Their presence is here reflected in the increased accommodation given to them in the church.)

source-South Leith Records

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