The History of Leith

November 14, 2011

The History of South Leith-1864/1894

1864, March 24.—Rev. James Mitchell,
M.A., admitted minister of the first charge.
1869, July 19.—Erection of St. John’s
Parish. From 1843 to 1868 St. John’s was
occupied as a Free Church.
1873, July 21.—An Act of Parliament
was passed to provide for the discontinuance
of the second charge and for other church
1875, July 25.—Ground purchased in Duke
Street for erection of Sabbath School.
1876, March 6.—Erection of Abbey Parish.
1887, Sept.—Organ introduced into Church.
1889.—Presentation of portrait to Dr
Mitchell on the occasion of his semi-jubilee.
1892.—West window presented in memory
of James Stmthers, M.D.
1893, Jany. 23.—Erection of St. Paul’s
1893-1894.—Church re-seated, presentations
made of new Pulpit by Charles Combe,
Esq., Communion Table by Dr Mitchell, and’
east window by congregation.

source-South Leith Records

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