The History of Leith

November 14, 2011

History of South Leith-1809/1862

1809 April 11.— Foot pavement laid along
the east and west sides of the churchyard.
1809 April 25.—The water engine belonging
to the town kept in the under part of the

1809 June 24.—Second Centenary of the
1813 Deer.—Boys Charity School housed
free of rent in old Grammar School.
1822.—King James WI. Hospital was
demolished and the site added to the churchyard.
1824, August 24.—James Grant, D.D.,
admitted minister of first charge.
1833, March 14.—Rev. David Thorburn
admitted minister of second charge. He
seceded from the Church of Scotland on 6th
July 1843.
1836.—The steeple built in 1674, becoming
unsafe, was taken down “at 10 minutes to 2
o’clock on 30th September, it being 24 inches
off the perpendicular.”
1844, Feby. 15. _- Rev. Henry Duff
admitted minister of second charge. On his
death, 12th June 1873, the second charge
1844, May 10.—Rev. William Stevenson
admitted minister of first charge. He became
Professor of Church History in 1861.
1846, July 16.—An Act of Parliament
was passed to provide for the repair of the
church; to confirm the purchase of the manse;
and to transfer the patronage of the second
charge from the incorporations to the communicants.
1847, Decr.— Erection of St. Thomas’
1848, — The Church was restored and
altered at great cost, and the present square
tower was added. Mr Thomas Hamilton,
Architect; GeorgeAldinstone M’Laren, Provost.
1862.— Portobello Parish erected, partly
from South Leith, mainly from Duddingston.

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