The History of Leith

November 14, 2011

History of South Leith-1779/1806

1779, April.—A Regiment of Highland
Soldiers mutinied, and forty of their number
were shot in front of the Old Ship Tavern on
the Shore. The victims were buried in St.
Mary’s Churchyard, where a large grassy mound
long marked the place of their interment.
1787 March 4.—John Balfour of Pilrig
asks permission to enclose burial ground 17 feet
by 14 feet adjoining garden wall of grammar
1787 July 17.—Rev. Robert Dickson D.D.
admitted minister of the second charge. He
was transferred to the first charge on 29
September 1790.
1788 Feby 10.-—Sunday School started in
South Leith.
1790 August.—Constitution Street formed
to give a better access to Bernard Street and
the Shore; new east wall and gates built to
churchyard “as a great ornament to the
1791 Feby 17.—Rev. Thomas Macknight
admitted minister of the second charge.
1794 Feby 10.—Badges given to beggars
licensed by Kirk Session to beg in the parish.
1800, October \Uh.—”The session being
met and constituted Dr Macknight moderator.
On Sabbath last the Sacrament of the Lord’s
Supper was celebrated here. Present, Mr
George Smith, Master of Trinity House, Bailie
Robert Strong, Master of the Incorporation of
Traffickers, Mr James Bennarmann, Master of
the Incorporation of Maltmen, Mr Peter
Macleran, Convener of the Trades, Mr James
Bell, Rev. Dr Dickson, Rev. Mr Macknight,
and other members of session.”
1804 Deer 13.—Rev. James Robertson
D.D. admitted minister of the second charge.
1805 July 2.—The inhabitants of Newhaven
petition the Kirk Session to allow them
to enlarge their burial ground “they having
bought two old houses contiguous to the south
whose sites they wish to add to it.”
1806.—Leith High School built in the Links

source-South leith Records

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