The History of Leith

November 12, 2011

Ther History of South Leith-1706/1736

1706.—The Rev, William Wishart was
appointed moderator of the General Assembly
this year ; and on four subsequent occasions.
He became Principal of Edinburgh University.
1708 April 22.—The Rev. John Shaw
admitted minister of the first charge.
1709.—The first centenary of the church
was commemorated by the acquisition of four
communion tankards or flagons, which bear the
inscription “For Sowth Leath Church 1709.”
1710 June 28.—At a presbytery visitation
it was reported that the stipend of the Rev.
John Shaw was 5 chalders, 500 merks, £47:10s
pew duty, with manse and glebe; the stipend
of the Rev. James Dickson was 1200 merks
payable by the incorporations, “who are so
generous that they are about purchasing a
manse to him,”
1710 Deer 14.—”Reported by Thomas
Brugh that the Masters of the Trinity House
adheared to their former act appointing the
rent of the Schooll to be £3 stg otherwayes the
session to provide themselves in a Schooll. The
session agrees and appoints the hospitall to be
repaired for a schooll and the rent of it to be
£30 scots yearly and the Masters (of the
Hospital) to repair it and maintain it.”
1712 July 25.—Rev. William Brown A.M.
admitted minister of the second charge.
1721 Aug 17.—Rev. James Stevenson A.M.
admitted minister of the second charge.
1725 May 27.—Meeting of the incorporations
anent ” augmentation of our minister’s
stipend out of the Town of Edinburgh’s gift of
impost upon ale.”
1731 August 5.—” Reported that the contract
for the communion elements is signed.”
By this contract £6 became payable annually
at Lammas from the Restalrig Estates.
1736 March 11.—Narrative prepared anent
the Hospital and superiorities thereof and
inserted in the Register by the Kirk Session
” for the benefit of their successors.” The
narrative includes the grant by King James VI
dated 7 April 1613 ; also ” the dwelling house
in the hospital possessed by Mr Hugh Millar.
schoolmaster ” and ” a laigh house there set for
the grammar school.”

source-South Leith Records

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