The History of Leith

November 12, 2011

The History of South Leith-1692/1702

1692,—Rev. William Wishart conducted
forenoon services in the church and Rev. Charles
Kay conducted afternoon services there.
1700 July 16.—Rev. James Dickson A.M.
admitted minister of the second charge.
1701, April 17. — “Appoints ye thesaurer
to set up ye tent in ye church yard, to remove
ye seats, and get up ye tables and seats for ye
magistrates; sermon to begin on Saturday at
2 o’clock; sermon to begin on Sabbath at
8 o’clock morning; sermon to begin at 9
o’clock on Monday morning; refers to the
thesaurer and ye clerk to cause make four
dozen of bread; refers to Win, Wilson to trye
for ye best claret wyne and to inform ye
thesaurer who is to tak fyve gallons of it.”
1702 July 23.—”On the 3rd instant it
pleased ye just and holy God to visit this town
for heinous sins against him with a very terrible
sudden stroak which was occasioned by the
fyreing of 33 barrells of powder; which dreadful
stroak and terrible blast as it was heard even
at mony myles distance with great terror and
amazement so it hath caused great ruin and
desolation in this place having smitten 7 or 8
persons at least with sudden death, and burned
the houses next adjacent to ruinous heaps, and
torn off ye roofs, beaten down ye windows, and
broken doun ye lumber partitions of a great
many houses and buildings.”
” Collections for help thro Scotland. Collected
in Leith qrs £296:19:02 scots.”

source-South Leith Record

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