The History of Leith

November 11, 2011

The History of South Leith-1657/1692

1657.—”Our South Kirk of Leith was
restored to us agan upon the 30 of Jun 1657.”
1661 May 29.—Thanksgiving services were
held in the church for ” the wonderful restoration
of our King to the throne of his three
1661.—A peiiod of Episcopal rule^began
which lasted until 1689.
1674.—The Steeple, first erected in 1615,
was rebuilt and the expense defrayed by laying
the town under contribution. A new clock
was also added and bells.
1681 July 21.—”Ordains ye great bell to
be rung for five a clock in ye morning and
eight at night; for ye sermons ordain ye
smallest bell to be tolled for ye first bell; it
and ye bell of ye middle size for ye second bell;
and for ye third bell all ye three together.”
1687.— A separation took place in the
Church, the party adhering to prelacy occupying
St. Mary’s with Mr Kay as minister, and
the presbyterian party forming a congregation
in the Meeting House Green near the Sheriff
Brae with Mr Wishart as minister.
1692, llth August.—-“Yesterday ye 10th
iiist. the Presbytery of Edr., with the Magtrates
of Edinr. and Leith, came to Leith and required
the keyes of the Church doores from ye mins
and neighbours, to which it was answrd yt if
they had any warrant from ye Privy Counsell
for yt effect or any remitt from them to ye
Presbt. authorizing them to proceed, they were
ready to give obedience but none being produced
they thought themselves not obliged, ye
matter being still depending before the Counsell,
and protested against any violent intrusion to
be made by them and for coast skaith and
damage and for remead of law; notwithstanding
yrof ye Magrtes etc. and Presbytery with
a confused company of people entered the
Church by breaking open ye windows, breaking
off ye lock of ye doors of ye Church and putting
on new ones, and so caused guard the Church
doors wt halberds, rang the bell and possest
Mr Whiseart of ye Church; agt all which
irregular procedure publick protests were
“This day beuig the ordinary day for
weekly sermon and session Mr Wisheart
came to ye Church wt a guard of halberds and
preached, and after sermon took possession of
ye session house, Mr Kay and his session being
refused entry, the Bailies of Leith declaring yt
Mr Wisheart’s session WAS the only legall
session; upon which Mr Kay took instruments.”

source-South Leith Records

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