The History of Leith

November 11, 2011

The History of South Leith-1654/1656

1654, 22 of June.—”The wch day Mr
Johne Hogg did preach at Leith, wch was ye
first day of preaching yr since the 3 of September
1650, but yr was no sessione and the
preaching was in the Tolbuith.
1654.—” Vpon the 13th day of November
being ye Lord’s day ye preaching began agane
to be in our Church. PRASES TO OUR LORD
1655, 2 May.—”The which day Major
Pearson, Town Major of this Garrison, came to
James Stevinson our present Thesaurer (by
order of Thimothie Wilks, Governor Deput),
and required the keys of our Church door from
us saying that the deputy would not suffer any
Scots Minister to preach yr till farder ordour.”
1655, Agust 2.—”James Riddell and Ja.
Kyll are desyred to speek with the deputie
governour to see if his honour would be pleased
to cause the port to be open upo the Lord’s
day betwixt 7 hours in the forenoon uiitill 2
hours in ye efternoon for outgoing and incoming
of the people to sermond in the Links.”
1655 Novr. 1.—”The session and neighbours
haith agreed with Ja Riddell for his loft
in the Dabraw above the soap house to be the
granier school . . . Ordaines to buy some
dealls and trees to niak up some seats in ye
school for ye bairnes.”
1656, 13 March.—”It is unanimuslie condescended
and concluded that ane petitione
sould be sent up to England to the Lord
Protector concerning our kirk, that it would
please his heighness to cause restor it to us
agan, that we may convein in it for ye worship
of God, seing we have no place to meitt in but
in ye open fields.”
“Also to writ to Collonell Pen wick, governour
of Leith qo for the pnt is at Londone,
that his honour would be assistant yrunto.”

source-South Leith Records

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