The History of Leith

November 11, 2011

The History of South Leith 1596/1609

1596.—King James VI. granted to South
Leith Kirk a charter of St. Anthony’s lands.
A bill was also passed by His Majesty in
favour of the Session “to rais and lift the
soume of 40s. money for everie tun of wyne
ventit and run within the toun of Leith.”
1600. —The news of the Gowrie Conspiracy
reached Edinburgh on 6th August 1600.
“The sam day the Erie of Montrose being
chanseler wt sundrie other nobillis went to the
crosse of Edinr and yair hard Mr David
Lindesay mak ane orisone and the haill peiple
sett down on yr knees giving thanks to Qod
for the Kings deliverance out of sic ane grate
danger. The 11 day of Auguste being Moneday
the king came over the Water The toune
with the haill suburbia met him upone the
Sandies of Leith in armes wt grate joy and
schutting of muskittis and shaking of pikes.
He went to the Kirk of Leith to Mr David
Lyndesayis orisone.”
1600, December 23.— Prince Charles,
afterwards King Charles I., was baptised at
Dunfermline by David Lindsay, minister of
Leith and titular Bishop of Ross. The text on
which Mr Lindsay preached on that occasion
was Romans xiii. 11.
1602, Julii 25.—”The session wt concurrence
of the magistrates comanded be oppin
proclamation & straik of drum that nane
inhabitant within this toun send thair bairnes
to ony uther schoole bulk’ all the lads to
Mr Thomas Provand and all the lasses to
James Hay fra this time fourth.”
1609.—For participation in the Gowrie
Conspiracy the Estates of Logan of Restalrig
were forfeited to the Crown. ft
The corpse of Logan of Restalrig was
disinterred from the church for trial in Edinburgh
and the doom of forfeiture pronounced
in Court by David Lindsay. The bones were
believed to have been re-discovered in 1847.
The King bestowed the Restalrig Estates
on Lord Balmerino, along with the patronage
of the church. Balmerino House stood in the
Kirkgate at the corner of Coatfield Lane. It
was occupied by the Balmerino family until
1745, and now forms part of the Roman
Catholic school.

source-South Leith Records

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