The History of Leith

November 11, 2011

Position of the Pulpit at South Leith

South Leith Church 1st August 1695.—The Magistrates of Leith represented to ye Session, that they desired yr seat in ye Church might be raised a foot higher then it was at present. The Session took ye same to yr consideration and is to speak with the baxters whose Seats are behind it to see what they have to say anent ye affair. Appoints Captain Thomas Whyte, Captain John Browne and Alexander Mathison to speak with ye baxters anent ye hightening of yr back Seats and also to try if ye heightening of ye back Seats will prejudge these that stands in ye back trance of hearing.
(Note.—The Magistrates were proposing to build their seat about the middle of the south aisle, in front of the bakers’ sittings. At this time the pulpit was in the middle of the north aisle, where it stood from thetime of Cromwell’s departure until 1848. It stood in the middle of the chairs from 1848 until Mr Combe gifted the present pulpit in 1893. Originally the altar was placed in the east end of the church, probably further east thau the building now extends. At the Reformation the pulpit was erected near to its present position, and there it stood until the occupation by Cromwell.)

source-South Leith Records

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