The History of Leith

November 11, 2011

History of South Leith – 1648/1651

1648, Feb. 22. — ” William Trotter and
umqll James Barnes, who were baillies in anno
1646, gave in yis day to or sessioune ane great
silver coupe for ye use of or kirk.” The
inscription on this cup bears :—”Givin to the
Sout Kirk of Leith be William Trotter and
James Barnes, bailies in tyme of pest, anno
1648.—King James VI. Hospital appropriated
by the kirk session for the reception
of aged and indigent women.
1648.—Conference held in the church
between the Covenanters and King Charles’
1650, May 12.—”Also ye said day intimatione
was maid that ye new paraphraise of ye
psalme book was to be begunne to be sung
upon Wedensday nixt.”
Lord Balmerino was a member of the Westminster
Assembly, from which the metrical
version of the psalms is dated.
1650.—”There was no session holdine
from ye 7 of Julie 1650 untill the 26 of
December 1651 be reasone of the great
troubles and warrs betwixt Scotland and
England. The Scots armie lying in leigour
(i.e., leaguer) in Leith^and about it, and efter
the defeat at Dunbar, the ministers and most
part of all ye honest people fled out the toun
for fear of ye enemie.”
1651, Nov. 23.—”The which day was
the first day that Mr Jon Weir, our pastor
(immediately efter his returning horn) did convene
the scattered congregaone of South Leith
together (being ye Lord’s Day), and preached
to ym in the Caitchhall at the foot of the

source-South Leith Records

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