The History of Leith

November 9, 2011

South Leith history-1570/1595

1570. — War broke out between the
partisans of Queen Mary and those of her
son James VI. The former occupied Edinburgh
Castle under Kirkcaldy of Grange. The
latter established their headquarters in Leith,
where the Regent Lennox built a Council
Chamber on the Coal Hill. This was also
the Council House of the Regents Mar and
1571.—A Convention, which assumed the
function of an Assembly, was convened at
The sermon at %he opening of this Convention
was preached by David Ferguson,
Minister of Dunfennline. It is entitled ” Ane
sermon prechit before the Regent and nobilitie
upon a part of the thrid chapter of Malachi
(verses 7-12) in the Kirk of Leith on Sonday
the 13 Januarie anno do 1571.”
The dedication to the Regent Mar is dated
20th August 1572. The last piece of public
service by Knox was to examine and approve
of this sermon ” with my dead hand but glaid
heart praising God that of his mercy he levis
such light to his kirk in this desolation.”
1589.—David Lindsay, at Trondheim,
performed the marriage ceremonies of King
James VI. and Anne of Denmark. He also
took part in the coronation of the Queen at
1591.—The Earl of Moray, murdered at
Donibristle, was buried in St. Mary’s Chapel.
1594, February 19th.—David Lindsay at
the baptism of Henry, Duke of Rothesay, afterwards
Prince of Wales, ” made a learned speech
in the French language to the ambassadors
who were present.”
1595, 25 Novembris.—”The Presbytery
gave commission to David Lindsay and John
Brand to converse with the neighbours for
planting a Kirk on the north side of the Brig
of Leith.”
1595, 2 Decembris.—”David Lindsay and
John Brand having conversed with the inhabitants,
presented overtures that a parish
might be made of the north side of the brig of
Leith, and some towns next adjacent as Pilrig,
Bonnington, Waraston, and Newhaven.”

source-South Leith Records

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